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The Third Attempt and Its Approval

Had been refused twice for his study permit application previously, in early 2023, Mr. L, a resident from Hong Kong, approached TWA by referral and sought our firm’s help.  Mr. L decided to retain us to make the third attempt for his study permit application in Canada. 

Having further reviewed the underlying reasons for his previous refusals, with our careful preparation, due diligence, and warm assistance, we presented a strong case with all merits identified in the application. 

Mr. L is a married male in his late 20s. With only secondary-level education, he could not secure a job with desired income and he was not confident about his future career in the current field. Therefore, the intended diploma program is extremely essential for his career goal and family plan.

Having successfully demonstrated his genuine study purpose, the potential for career advancement, ties in his homeland, as well as improved sufficient funds, Mr. L got his study permit approval in May 2023. 

Mr. L will arrive in Canada soon in late June and start his studies in British Columbia, Canada. A brand new life chapter in Canada is welcoming him.

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