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Navigating Immigration: Expert Advice and Tips

Canada Stream B OWP Hong Kong Immigration to Canada

Canada Stream B | Hong Kong Pathway & OWP Requirements

Canada Stream B is one of the immigration programs under the “Canada Hong Kong Pathway”. Hong Kong residents with at least one year of full-time work experience in Canada have the opportunity to apply for Canadian permanent residency through Stream B. Another pathway in the “Canada Hong Kong Pathway” is called Stream A. Stream A is for Hong Kong residents with Canadian study...

Canada Immigration
How To Change Status From Visitor To Study Permit Within Canada

Change Status From Visitor To Study Permit Within Canada

Changing status from visitor to study permit within Canada (Convert Visitor Visa to Study Permit) is a common and popular way to apply for a study permit. But what exactly does changing a visitor visa to a study permit mean? Who is this pathway suitable for? And what are the benefits? This article will provide a detailed explanation of the application process for...

Canada Immigration
Newcomers to Canada Guide To-do Lists after Landing

Newcomers to Canada | First Things to Do After Landing | TWA

For newcomers to Canada, it is important to know what are the first things to do after landing. Recently, more and more Hong Kong residents have immigrated to Canada. As a new immigrant or newcomer to Canada, it is common to ask what to do after arriving in Canada.  In this article, TWA will explain to you the things you have to do...

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