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Provincial Nominee Program

Manitoba (MPNP)

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) is the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) of the province of Manitoba.

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program provides 3 streams with their respective requirements. Eligible foreign nationals can immigrate to Manitoba and obtain permanent residence in Canada. 


Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP): Available Streams

There are 3 available streams offered by the province of Manitoba under their Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). 


Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP): Skilled Worker Stream

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program’s Skilled Worker Stream is tailored to the needs of Manitoba’s labour market. It targets skilled workers with international experience and training who have the necessary qualifications required by local employers. The program nominates these individuals for Canadian permanent residency, allowing them to live and work in Manitoba. 

The Skilled Worker Stream comprises two pathways: the Skilled Worker in Manitoba (SWM) and the Skilled Worker Overseas (SWO).


Skilled Worker in Manitoba (SWM)

The Skilled Worker in Manitoba (SWM) stream selects candidates who have a significant association with Manitoba via steady employment and the required qualifications, including skills, education, training, work experience, and proficiency in official languages. These nominees can immediately and consistently contribute to Manitoba’s economy and community.


Skilled Worker Overseas (SWO)

The Skilled Worker Overseas (SWO) stream nominates candidates who can establish a solid link to Manitoba through various means, such as:

  • having support from family members or friends in the province, 
  • prior education or work experience in Manitoba, or 
  • receiving an Invitation to Apply directly from the MPNP as part of a Strategic Recruitment Initiative.


MPNP: International Education Stream

The International Education Stream (IES) offers a quicker pathway to the nomination for international students who have completed their studies at designated post-secondary institutions in Manitoba. 

The IES comprises three pathways: 

  • the Career Employment Pathway, 
  • the Graduate Internship Pathway, and 
  • the International Student Entrepreneur Pilot (ISEP). 

However, international students who graduated from institutions outside Manitoba are ineligible under this stream but may qualify under the Skilled Worker in Manitoba pathway.


Career Employment Pathway

The Career Employment Pathway is designed to expedite nomination for post-secondary students who secure long-term employment in Manitoba in an in-demand occupation related to their training. If the candidate meets these criteria, they can apply to the MPNP right after graduation and obtain a job offer.


Graduate Internship Pathway

The Graduate Internship Pathway offers a swifter route to the nomination for international students who have completed their master’s or doctoral studies through internships that contribute to industry innovation in Manitoba. Graduates who complete an Accelerate or Elevate internship with Mitacs in Manitoba can apply to the MPNP immediately after graduation, regardless of whether they have a job offer or not.


International Student Entrepreneur Pilot

The International Student Entrepreneur Pilot (ISEP) enables a maximum of 20 international students who have graduated from Manitoba to pursue entrepreneurship instead of employment. Once the applicant fulfills the requirements specified in their Business Performance Agreement, they become eligible for permanent residency.

Candidates are required to attend an information session before submitting any forms to the MPNP. Interested applicants can register for an information session by emailing [email protected].


MPNP: Business Investor Stream

The Business Investor Stream (BIS) permits Manitoba to attract and nominate capable business investors and entrepreneurs from all over the globe who possess the intention and capability to start or acquire businesses in Manitoba.

The BIS comprises two pathways: 

  • the Entrepreneur Pathway (EP) for applicants aiming to launch a business in Manitoba, and 
  • the Farm Investor Pathway (FIP) for those intending to establish and operate a farm operation in rural Manitoba.


Entrepreneur Pathway

The Entrepreneur Pathway (EP) enables Manitoba to attract and nominate competent businesspersons worldwide who possess the intention and capability to relocate to Manitoba and establish, purchase, or become partners in an existing business after arriving in Canada on a temporary work permit.

The EP has been updated to replace the previous MPNP-B stream, and applicants are no longer obligated to submit a $100,000 deposit to the Manitoba government.


Farm Investor Pathway

The Farm Investor Pathway (FIP) is meant for individuals possessing proven farm business experience, adequate available capital to invest, and who plan to create and manage a farm operation in rural Manitoba.

It is anticipated that FIP’s successful applicants will create a farm business in rural Manitoba that produces primary products consistent with the province’s current farm industry. The type of operation and investment must align with Provincial statistics and be relevant to Manitoba’s farm industry. Agri-business operations not producing primary products may qualify under the Entrepreneur Pathway.

The renewed FIP has replaced the former Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative.