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PR Card Renewal on H&C Grounds

Canada has always been ranked the best place to live in the world. It is our mission to help every client to pursue their goal in Canada. Taking the PR’s residency obligation into consideration, Ms. W, a landed immigrant in Canada in the early 2000s, approached us in 2019 to seek our professional advice on the possibility of retaining her permanent resident status in Canada. 

While Ms. W and her family member view Canada as their primary country of residence, due to her busy work schedule and family commitments, Ms. W, as a businesswoman, ought to make frequent travel between Canada and her home country over the years. She tried to balance her time spent in Canada and her home country, but a series of unexpected events disrupted her plan. 

Recently, Ms. W felt that it was time to return to Canada thoroughly to enjoy her retirement life. She wanted to renew her PR card on her own but soon realized that she did not meet the eligibility requirement. She was extremely anxious to lose her permanent resident status. How to retain her permanent resident status was a grave concern to Ms. W. 

With our rich case management experience and specialized knowledge in immigration law, we carried out a comprehensive assessment of Ms. W’s situation. Based on the information provided by Ms. W, we helped prepare a complete set of documentation and filed Ms. W’s PR card renewal application based on H&C grounds promptly. The result turned out to be a happy ending ultimately when Ms. Wang was informed during an interview by the immigration officer that her application was approved straightly and the new PR card would be sent over to her home shortly.

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