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A Successful Study Permit Application for a Refusal Applicant

We received many applications for consultations regarding study permit refusals. Usually, the clients are very frustrated and anxious about it upon receiving the refusal letter. For most cases, the applicants only receive generic refusal reasons, for example, their purpose of the visit is not a temporary stay, their financial resource is not available and sufficient, or they need to be financially established in the country of residence, etc.

In our practice, one of our clients Ms. F retained us to re-apply her study permit. She is a 48-year-old married lady, living with her spouse and son in Hong Kong, China. She received a refusal of her study permit application and sought our advice on future proceedings. From our experience, we suggested Ms. F seek the underlying refusal reasons first by filing an access to information request (ATIP). At the same time, our team did further analysis of the refusal reasons based on the case scenario.

Then we applied for the GCMS notes, acknowledged the officer’s concerns and submitted a strong application with sufficient and convincing supporting documents. 

Even though the Applicant has good educational and employment background, we clarify the officer(s) concerns by duly addressing the reasons why Ms. F wishes to go to Canada to study the program and how it would assist with her future start-up business plan back in her home country. When we received the notes, we also noticed that the officer has doubts about her own company which was established many years ago. 

Luckily, we patiently waited for the full notes and could address every issue raised by the visa officer(s). Within a couple of weeks, her application was approved, much to her delight and our satisfaction with a job well done!

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