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B.C. Recovery Plan Enters Phase Two

On the provincial press conference today, B.C. premier Horgan and Dr. Henry commented on a prospective reopening. According to them, the declining trend of new cases and increasing vaccine rate have indicated that the B.C. province is ready for recovery plan phase 2.

Until June 14th, 4:30PM, B.C. Province’s COVID-19 statistics exhibit as the follow:

New Cases Hospitalized Severe Cases Deaths Recovered Total Cases
68 136 42 1,734 143,147 146,453

By the beginning of the press conference, 65.99% of B.C. residents have received their first dose, 9.86% are fully vaccinated. Since Canada began its COVID-19 vaccine rollout at the end of April, inoculation data from all provinces exhibit exponential growth.

Phase two of B.C. recovery plan guarantees the following activities, with the prerequisite that participants wear masks.

Criteria Public Health Guidances
Personal Gatherings •Outdoor personal gatherings no more than 50 people
Organized Gatherings •Indoor gatherings no more than 50 people, any event should comply with COVID-19 precautions
Travelling •Travelling within BC province is allowed
•Non-discretionary travels still prohibited between provinces
•BC Transit and Ferries will increase services as needed
Dining Businesses •Banquet halls can reopen with limited capacity
•Liquor service lasts until midnight
Offices and Workplaces •Employees return to work
•Small in-person meetings are allowed
Sports and Activities •High-intensity indoor fitness classes are allowed with limited capacity
•Indoor team games for all ages
•No spectators for indoor games
•No more than 50 spectators for outdoor games

A nationwide of 1.4 million COVID-19 cases was diagnosed in Canada from the beginning of pandemic, along with 26,000 reported deaths. Simultaneously, Canada conducted in total of 2.9 million COVID-19 vaccinations.

Last Friday, Ontario officially launched of the first phase of its economic recovery. By the start of this week, more Ontario residents can book appointments for their second vaccine dose.

Meanwhile, Quebec has lifted its pandemic restrictions. Residents are now free to organize in-door and out-door gatherings under precautions. Despite this, Quebec and Ontario have jointed terminated cross-province travelling restrictions. The termination will take effect by Wednesday, at 12:01AM. By then, regulators at the provincial checkpoints will recede.

Although pandemic-related restrictions will still persist in the short term, there is considerable optimism for a full recovery in the near future. As Canada and the world rapidly distribute vaccines, returning to pre-COVID life is no longer a tall-tale.

Like many of us, TWA expects the pandemic to end in haste so we can meet our valuable clients in-person.

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