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Canada Stream A Hong Kong Immigration to Canada
Canada Immigration

Canada Stream A | Hong Kong Immigration: Success Story

Stream A is one of the immigration streams under the “Canada Hong Kong Pathway”, which is an express immigration program set up by the Canadian government for Hong Kong residents. In addition to the Stream A study immigration method, there is also Stream B work immigration method, allowing Hong Kong skilled workers to immigrate to Canada. 

This article will explain in detail the application requirements and steps of Stream A in Canada. We will also share the process of obtaining Canadian PR for clients who graduated from a private DLI institution. 

TWA’s professional licensed immigration consultant team has been rooted in Canada for decades. We have helped thousands of foreign citizens handle Canadian immigration-related issues, including applying for Canada PR, applying for Canada citizenship, refugee asylum, immigration appeals and hearings, etc. If you want to know more about the ways of Canada immigration, we are happy to assist you. Please contact TWA for a consultation


Canada Stream A: An Overview

Stream A Canada is an immigration program in the “Canada Hong Kong Pathway”. It offers Hong Kong residents an extremely low threshold to apply for Canada permanent residency (Canada PR). Applicants have no age limit and no work experience requirements. As international students, they may be eligible to apply for Canadian permanent residence as soon as they graduate. Also, their family members can benefit from this immigration pathway. 

The application period for this immigration pathway is from 1 June 2021 to 31 August 2026. If you are still in Hong Kong and going to study in Canada soon, you need to apply for a Study Permit to study in a Canadian government-accredited DLI institution. Then, you can apply for Canadian permanent residence after graduation.


Canada Stream A: Application Requirements

Stream A study immigration is an immigration program for In-Canada Graduates who are Hong Kong residents. The application requirements are as follows: 

  • Hold a valid Hong Kong or BNO passport
  • You must be in Canada when you apply for and obtain Canadian permanent residence
  • Intend to live outside of Quebec
  • Obtain CLB Level 5 or above
  • Graduated in the past 3 years prior to submission of application
    • Graduated from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada (both public and private)
    • 50% of the course must be completed in Canada (online or physical)
    • Hold one of the education credentials below:
      • Diploma (at least 2-year program length)
      • Degree (Associate, Bachelor, Master, Doctorate)
      • Graduate/Post-Graduate Diploma/Certificate Post-Graduate Diploma or Certificate (at least 1-year program length)

Immigration to Canada through study is a relatively simple immigration pathway for Hong Kong residents. Our partner institutions are DLI-accredited post-secondary education institutions. They provide 2-year diploma courses that are eligible for Stream A applications. 

Among the 2-year studies, the first 12 months are lectures. Students can choose to take classes remotely online or in person. The next 12 months are Co-op (paid internships). Students can apply what they have learned in the local workplace. Co-op can also be completed in any city in Canada. For details, please contact TWA professional licensed immigration consultants to learn more.


Canada Stream A Immigration: FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions from Hong Kong people.


Do I have to enroll in a school that offers PGWP to be eligible to apply for Stream A?

No, the PGWP is not a requirement for Stream A. As long as the institution is a DLI (Designated Learning Institution) institution, it has met part of the application requirements of Stream A.


How is Stream A different from Stream B?

Stream A is a study-to-immigration program. Hong Kong students who have graduated from DLI institutions in Canada can apply for Canadian permanent residence.

Stream B is a working-to-immigration program. Hong Kong residents who have accumulated enough work experience in Canada can apply for Canadian permanent residence.


Do you have partner institutions offering eligible courses?

Yes. TWA has partnerships with DLI-accredited higher education institutions to offer Stream A-eligible courses to international students.


Stream A Canada: Customer Success Story

Ms. L, a TWA client, successfully obtained Canada permanent residence (Canada PR) through the Stream A immigration pathway in June 2023.

The following is the complete Timeline of Ms. L’s application for Canadian permanent residence:

Apr 2021 Commencement of school (conducting remote online courses in Hong Kong)
Nov 2021 Landed Canada (continue to have distanced online course in Canada)
Dec 2022 Graduated and got the diploma certificate
Jan 2023 Submit Canadian Permanent Residence application
Apr 2023 Request to complete a criminal record check
May 2023 IRCC confirms the receipt of the police certificate
Jun 2023 Received confirmation of Canadian permanent residence

Ms. L approached TWA to apply for Study Permit through the referral of our partner institution. She thought TWA was very professional and enthusiastically answered her questions. They helped her obtain a study permit as soon as possible. 

Therefore, she asked us to help her apply for Canadian permanent residence. We assisted her in preparing documents and helped her successfully obtain the Canadian PR within 5 months.